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To be one of the World's leading Management Institution, developing Socially Committed Leaders and Entrepreneurs


  • Contribute to the intellectual development of individuals, to enhance their competence as Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs.
  • Provide more scope for Student-driven initiatives, Peer learning, Experiential learning, Community service and Intellectual contributions.
  • To enhance the interaction between the Institute’s Learner community and the broader community through our service and outreach efforts.

LEAD Chakra - What we Stand For.

Cambridge Dictionary defines mojo as 

“a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy”   

Mojo@LEAD is different. We are not just another MBA!

What we do and espouse is mapped indicatively as LEAD Chakra.

You will notice no individual  circle is complete. It cannot and never will be . It will result in a zero if it does ! You will also notice the interdependency. Hence the wheels with cogs!  This will remain a work in progress. 

“Quality begins on the inside… then works its way out.” 

― Bob Moawad



To be recognized as a leading Business School in the country, developing Global Leaders, and Ideas that significantly impact the society


  • To provide a transformational learning experience, that enables the students to realize their true potential to be global leaders.
  • To attract the best global talents and enable them to together create and disseminate new knowledge.
  • To foster a teaching-learning environment that forges moral values and ethical behavior.