Grievance Redressal Forum

Grievance Redressal
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Grievance Redressal Forum

LEAD has an open communication system where each student belongs to a mentoring group mentored by a faculty member. Mentor is guardian of the student in the college. Regular mentor groups meeting and individual mentee mentor meeting and close contacts with parents of the mentee develops a strong relationship between the mentor and mentee.

Any grievance is brought to the mentor first and the mentor tries to address it at his /her level if the case is not of his/her control then it is forwarded to the college Administrator. Appeals over the decision of institution head go to the chairman.

  • The objective is to address and effectively solve various student related matters.
  • Maintaining discipline and decorum in the college premises.
  • Try to imbibe the feeling of accountability into the students by showing that they are responsible for upholding the reputation of the institute through their actions.

Anyone affected either physically or mentally by the act of anyone else whose act deviated from the specified guidelines in the campus bring their grievances at suitable level.

If it is not resolved at Mentor’s level, the case is considered by the Grievance handling Committee headed by the Director. Appeals over the decision of Grievance handling committee will be with the chairman.

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Grievance Handling Committee

Dr. Thomas George K
+91 9447146479

Dr. Shankar Ganesh
+91 8883988832

Ms. Yasmin Samad
+91 9446533287

Vishnu Nair (Student)
+91 9778422559

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