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About LEAD

The LEAD Story

The inception of LEAD College of Management traces back to 2010, when we applied for an MBA programme with an initial capacity of 60 seats, later extended to 120 seats in 2011. Despite initial setbacks in securing affiliation, we ultimately received approval for 120 seats later that year. Encouraged by reports from the University of Calicut indicating the imminent approval of an MBA college in Palakkad, we proceeded to recruit faculty, enroll 120 students, and commence classes. By the end of November 2010, it became evident that these students would be unable to sit for their first semester MBA examinations at LEAD College of Management.

Out of the 120 enrolled students, 58 chose to remain with LEAD College of Management despite the external regulatory challenges. Consequently, alternative colleges were identified for the remaining students, who were duly transferred. In a demonstration of profound generosity, LEAD College of Management provided the 58 steadfast students with free boarding, lodging, and food, without charging them any fees for their academic pursuits. This act exemplified the magnanimity and responsive crisis management of LEAD College’s administration. That year, all 58 students graduated with exemplary marks, achieving a 100% pass rate. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of LEAD College of Management’s journey of growth starting in 2011. From the initial cohort of 58 students in 2012, LEAD College of Management now boasts an annual intake approval for 360 students, with an additional quota for economically weaker sections (EWS). The campus currently accommodates 700+ students, supported by 60 faculty and staff members.

LEAD College of Management is celebrating the decennial anniversary of its inaugural graduating class this year. Now an autonomous institution affiliated to the University of Calicut, it is AICTE-approved, NAAC and NBA accredited, and undergoing a second cycle of NAAC accreditation in 2023-24. The college is ISO 21001:2018 certified and GSAAA accredited, and it has completed green, energy, and environmental audit certifications.

LEAD College is a poised to launch its second professional post-graduate program Masters in Computer Applications.

From 58 students in 2012, in 2023 we have an approval for 300 annual intake and an additional quota for EWS. Currently the campus houses 600 students , 40  faculty and staff members.

The Brain Child of

Dr. Thomas George

LEAD College of Management, Dhoni Palakkad is a brain child of Dr. Thomas George, a professional life-skill trainer for various Engineering & MBA students in and around Kerala for years. Dr Thomas’ training of students at various levels in a culture obsessed with measuring talent and ability opened his sense of creating an institution that gives importance to inspiration that might lead to entrepreneurship, social commitment and values. According to him, inspiration awakens to new possibilities by allowing one to transcend his ordinary experiences and limitations. Inspiration propels a person from apathy to possibility, and transforms the way one perceives his own capabilities. The idea of starting a business school in a three tier city of Kerala got conceived, germinated, nourished and became a reality in 2011.

Objective of the Institution

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    LEAD is an acronym derived from

    Leadership & Entrepreneurship Academy, Dhoni

    M/s. Prompt Charitable Trust., the promoter of LEAD college of Management Palakkad was registered at Palakkad to establish educational institution imparting a holistic education, which will promote human excellence, encompassing knowledge skills, attitude and values so that the students reveal their full potential. Educationalists, entrepreneurs and socially committed people are founders. LEAD is an acronym derived from “leadership & Entrepreneurship Academy, Dhoni.

    The institute endoavors to be one of the most preferred management institutes catering to the diverse communities from inside and outside the country. The institute incubated entrants into excelling executives with an edge in their attitude and professional outlooks. The institute strives continuously to enhance the quality teaching, curricular and co-curricular activities so that the students of this institute play a significant role in the development of humanity

    We at ‘LEAD’ cherish the endeavors as ‘LEAD’ is to become a place, where leadership is promoted and nurtured with a long-term vision in crafting highly engaging outgoing students who possess the attributes of competency, leadership and empathy.

    LEAD is armed with proficient and experienced faculty members and state-of-the-art academic infrastructure, supported by efficient management team. The team consists of industry oriented professionals, distinguished personalities who have contributed significantly to the industry and the society.

    The task of this magnitude demands efforts of faculty, academic staff and students. People have been working beyond the call of the duty. Harnessing the skills to a focused task of visualizing the leaders, entrepreneurs and managers. we started working to prove that teams develop naturally to bring the best.