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Mr. Syamraj KP

Assistant Professor

He is an assistant professor with a robust background in Financial Risk Management, currently pursuing a PhD in Commerce from the University of Kerala alongside several other degrees. His research is primarily centered around computational finance, corporate finance, and sustainable finance. Throughout his career, he has held various positions, including assistant professor roles at different colleges. He has actively participated in financial service sector workshops, delivered invited presentations on computational finance, and has been deeply involved in teaching financial analytics. 

His academic contributions include a book on Monte Carlo Simulation for Data-Informed Investment Nudges, an empirical study exploring the relationship between ESG disclosure and executive compensation, and a thesis examining the impacts of Currency Demonetization on NSE Sectoral Indices. His teaching and research efforts are dedicated to applying statistical data analysis methods to financial data, aiming to enhance current forecasting techniques and develop intricate mathematical and statistical models for traders and salespeople alike. 

Currently, his focus lies on asset price bubbles and non-Gaussian distribution models for risk management. He collaborates closely with quantitative analysts, desk traders, and programmers to further his research objectives and address complex challenges in the financial domain.

Mcom, MPhil in Commerce, UGC NET, Pursuing Ph.D


4 Years

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As a professional in financial trading and investment, has extensive experience in Python and R programming languages, including expertise in data analysis, modelling, risk management, portfolio management, quantitative research, and effective communication. I deeply understand financial markets, trading strategies, investment principles, risk management, and portfolio optimization. My skills enable industrial clients to effectively tackle challenges and drive successful outcomes in trading and investment projects.