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In the present world, where competition is the key word,

success rarely makes a visit and even when it does, it visits just a few. It is said

“To remain where you are one should run fast; and to be a leader you should run even faster”. The process, called Education, of equipping the future generation to thrive and to succeed in a world, where nothing happens without much toil, has moved a lot forward from its previous position of providing data from the textbooks. It now stands for the overall improvement of each and every student in achieving skills and giving a feel and taste of the real world outside. A lot of key expertise is to be developed in them to make them fit for the cutthroat competition, they are likely to confront, once they are ready to face life and succeed in life. This programme envisages equipping the students to tackle such situations and to provide soothing support to all the psychological strains they are going through, every day. Accordingly, this pro-gramme – Turning Point – is launched to combat the hardships of students, after critically analysing the psychological and emotional factors, thereby making them face realities courageously.

What is Turning Point?

Turning point is a six-day workshop intended for identifying capacities of each individual, make each of them to fix a goal according to their capacities and then to programme a plan for reaching the goal. It is also intended to develop the inter/intra personal relationship of individuals and to build their confidence, making them comfortable while facing the public, attending interviews / group discussions and so on. A lot of skill development techniques are also incorporated into the programme.

Why Turning Point?

The entire programme is designed so as to bring out and boost the hidden or explicit capacities in each participant helping him/her to excel in his/her life, converting them to a successful personality. The modules are custom made to match the requirement of each individual. Each participant is made to identify his strengths that will help him to stand out in the crowd. Help is also provided to find out a career that will best suit each one of them, and to identify the appropriate steps that each one should take to reach the top notch, thereby leading to fulfilment in life.

The programme also incorporates a few psychological tests and questionnaires that will help to achieve the said facts, in an interactive manner. The resource person, being a psychological counsellor, is well equipped to help the participants in clearing their psychological problems, if any. ‘Subconscious mind programming’ a technique included in the programme, makes use of subliminal suggestions to make the feeling of success permanent in the mind of the participants.

To achieve the objective, the programme makes use of state of the art technologies like Digital Movie Camera, Laptops and allied peripherals, Digital Audio System, LCD Projector; influencing the participants through more than one medium. If in other words, it will be a total multi media experience, where the participant also gets a feel of different multimedia equipment.

Another factor of this programme, the most important one, is that participants can make use of the resource person as their mentor, especially when decisions are difficult to make or when they are facing problems.