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Dr. Paul V Mathew

Associate Professor

Dr. Paul V Mathew is a seasoned entrepreneur and passionate start-up enthusiast with over a decade of experience in the development sector. His diverse background includes collaborations with start-ups, governments, and various developmental agencies. As a multi-faceted entrepreneur, Dr. Paul is the founder of multiple companies spanning education, development, and tourism domains. His professional journey includes serving as the Chief Minister Fellow at the Government of Delhi, where he contributed significantly to the realms of entrepreneurship and skill development. Beyond his practical expertise, Dr. Paul has shared his profound knowledge through authored books and published articles in esteemed international journals, establishing himself as a thought leader in the field.


Entrepreneurship and Skill Development

Experience (In years):

Books Published (Count)

Publication in journal (Count)

Conference/workshops/ FDP attended
Attended various national and international conferences, youth summits and development programs.

Other contributions

Represented India in the World Youth Summit by the World Bank
Selected as the Fellow of UN Supported Global Change Maker Program
Member of various professional bodies