LEAD College of Management focuses on imparting value-based education in business administration and provide need based training, research and consultancy. The primary goal of the institution is to mould the students into globally competent and socially committed managers and entrepreneurs. The vision, goals and objectives of the institution are transmitted to the students by the efforts of the faculty by means of teaching beyond the classroom, curriculum and also through the student orientation programmes.The mission and goals of the institution are also communicated to the students and other stakeholders by means of the institution's website, admission brochure and qualitymanuals.

The institute offers MBA course approved by AICTE and is affiliated to the University of Calicut. It offers specialisations like Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, International business and Systems.

  • Fully Residential

For a wholesome integrated development, full attention and maximum time is needed. Residential programmes provide a lot of flexibility for students and faculty to design and execute specialisedprogrammes. It allows to complete the academic schedule sufficiently early and allows time for practical business exposure. The residential programme allows students for effective mentoring and integrated growth

  • Life Skill Training

The gap between knowledge and wisdom can be bridged with proper training experience. Experiential training focuses on providing real life exposure in terms of specific skills which once learned will be of use in challenging situations as well as in day to day life

  • Flexible Timing

The entire time and schedule of the programme has been specially designed in defiance of the traditional pattern. The time is scheduled to optimum brain activity and alertness so that the students perform their best. The entire course is also structured in this manner with intense training and timely breaks so that the students get an entirely new learning experience.

  • Mentoring of Students by Specialists

Mentoring refers to the continuous guidance and assistance by a mentor. At LEAD an experienced team of mentors will assist each student personally to excel himself/herself in their own special talents and skills. An integrated approach considering every phase of student life is considered here

  • Deschooling

Class room environment is limited in several aspects when it comes to training. Training outside in communion with nature develops in the student a sense of environment and thus instills responsibility and a peace loving attitude. Both these indirectly aid his academic and professional activities. These trainings include trekking, hiking, mountaineering, camping, community living, and team building exercises.

  • Industry Interaction

At LEAD we ensure periodic interactions with industry professionals and exposure to experience real work environment. The College is in Palakkad district, the second largest industrial hub of Kerala providing ample opportunities to be in touch with industries. Eminent personalities, professionals and various associations like PMA (Palghat Management Association) provide constant guidance and motivation for LEAD.

  • Special Focus on Entrepreneurship

LEAD focuses on empowering the society by instilling the spirit of entrepreneurship in its LEADers. Specialised training and hands on experience of the subtleties in procedures with a new endeavor is dealt with in detail here. The project work will be invariably focusing on this aspect.

  • Practical Business Exposure

We believe that the spirit of doing business cannot be acquired from classrooms alone. The practical blending of theoretical concepts is possible only in real business environments reinforcing what is learnt in the classroom. With well-designed programmes, the course intends to take the students through live business environments and provide them with the real taste of business.

  • English Speaking Campus

English is the business language. A new environment demands new skills. Similarly the aspiring managers entering the global business arena need to be proficient in language skills. The campus instills this skill through state of art linguistic training methodologies and natural language mastering approaches.

  • Coaching For Foreign Languages

Today'sworld demands intercultural interactions as a part of business. The effectiveness always gets that extra edge through learning an extra language with an international profile which will help the 'LEADer' to be more effective in networking.

  • Institutional Social Responsibility Projects

Institutions worldwide are focusing more on their social responsibility. LEAD conducts various campaigns and professionally manages social responsibility events and extends its hands of service to the needy. This includes World Disabled day events, Blood donation camps, Medical camps, awareness campaigns and social events.

  • Earn While You Learn

This is the unique opportunity one will get at LEAD. As a part of practical business exposure the student also gets the opportunity to earn though various business activities like share trading, marketing, training, conducting events, managing projects etc.

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