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Mentoring is one of the best practices following in LEAD College of Management. The Mentorship program is offered to support students in their self-development, confidence building, to equip them with all the skills required to complete the MBA program and to assist in the transitioning from campus to corporate life. In this process, a mentor (faculty member) takes care of a group of mentees (students) with their career interest and personal well-being. As our students are from different educational backgrounds, diversified cultures and practices, they face different issues and problems as they get accustomed to the college. Mentoring acts as a platform for the students to discuss and interact with faculty members, seek advice, develop judgment skills and strive to achieve their long term goals effectively.


  •  To encourage the students towards regular interactions with mentors so as to build a good rapport with the mentor and the institution, ensuring that they get all the care, advice and support provided by the mentor for their development.
  • To provide an opportunity for the management student to express and share their feelings with the mentor, discuss conflicting issues faced by them and seek solutions on a regular basis

The Context:

Mentoring has been initiated after analyzing certain issues of the students such as issues like communicating in English or understanding subjects pertaining to commerce as many students would have come from a background where they had less exposure to it.

Students who stayed in private accommodation usually have issues of adjusting with the hostel atmosphere. These students are in need of a keen listener to listen to their issues and help them overcome their home sickness. Mentoring will help them in reaching the career objective they have. All this led to the process of adopting mentoring programme for the students so as to instill confidence and enhance their overall development.

The practice:

The institution is fully residential and so highly supporting the functioning of the mentoring programme. Being a student run campus, the companies of their mentors help them in getting a direction on conducting various programs. The institution schedules an official mentoring hour every two days, apart from which the mentors are always available to the mentees at their times of need. A group of twelve students are allotted to one mentor (one of the faculty members of the institute). The students allotted to each mentor will meet and interact with the mentor during the scheduled time on both group and individual basis.

There will be brain storming sessions conducted during the mentor meeting, which help the student in improving the thinking ability, creativity and decision making skills. Presentations will be happening in mentor meetings for the improvisation of presentation skills and English in students.

Evidence of success:

Mentoring has helped the students to take up challenges, overcome obstacles and difficulties in their day to day life. Mentoring has helped the mentor to know and relate with the students better, develop judgment skills and build a better rapport with the students. Parents, guardians and all other relevant stakeholders are aware and appreciative of the help the students get through the mentoring programme. On the whole, the mentor acts like a parent dedicated to foster their individual growth. Thus mentoring makes LEAD a home away from home for all the students.

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