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LEAD is a student run college whenever there is requirement of involving in any social activitythe students’ team along with their mentors, choose the areas where they want to contribute and under the guidance of the mentor and directions of Director or Chairman the work is carried out like clockwork. The housekeeping, maintenance, food and beverage, canteen, hospitality, security, accounts keeping, dealing with stakeholders, admission process, induction of students, internshipsetc are upfront done by the students. Always there is voluntary participation of the faculty to augment respective support to each programme. LEAD students and faculty members are in the forefront, participating in various social movements/ activities which promote citizenship roles.

LEAD is similar to a family where each member by default has a sense of ownership and responsibility. We believe that through participation in the various processes of the organisation,the students will get hands on experience of decision making, responsibility and team building.Hence, at LEAD, students are the owners of various LOTs which have a specific set of responsibilities.

Hospitality LOT

The students (host) will have a relationship with the guests in LEAD, where in the students (host) receives the guests with goodwill, including the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors or strangers.

Admission LOT

The student members of this LOT are given hands on experience of handling the entire process of administration. From the process of coordinating admissions, maintaining records and documents, attendance management, compliance, grievance redressal etc. By participating in this LOT, the students are given hands on experience of managing the HR activities of an organisation.

Administration LOT

The students in this LOT will assist in the administrative functions of the LEAD office. They may be assigned with special projects, do research, keep accurate records, handle money, prepare budget records, plan departmental activities, preparation of publication materials, maintain accounting records, etc depending on the requirement of the LOT. The students will develop Good communication and gain organizational and supervisory skills which are necessary to manage any office efficiently. This LOT will be guided by the Administrative Head of LEAD College of Management.

Canteen LOT

Another peculiarity of the college is a student run canteen. The entire functioning of the canteen is taken care of by the students. Students are in charge of the procurement of grocery, managing the inventory, maintaining accounts, collecting money from students, giving salary to the cook etc.

Greening and Housekeeping LOT

This LOT is responsible for taking care of all the college infrastructure and the college premises. The students who belong to this LOT are expected to manage the environmental requirements of the college, making the college more adaptive to the nature, taking care of the pets and animals which are living in harmony within the campus and to take care of the equipment owned by the college and ensure that there is no damage done to them.The greening and landscaping committee is in charge of landscaping the front area of the college along with the responsibility of maintaining the garden. The entire responsibility is given to the student team where they learn, consult with other people, procure required resources like plants and seeds that are required for the garden.The committee is also in charge of a vegetable garden which has spinach, bitter gourd and pulses. Participating in this LOT helps the students in learning the method of farming and resource procurement through a practical exposure of agriculture.

Outcome Based Training LOT

LEAD has its own outcome based training LOT which regularly conducts outbound trainings for students as well as corporates. The students are given the opportunity to conduct these activity based training sessions for other students and corporatesall year round. Through this, students get lot of opportunities to meet corporate professionals from far and wide.

Public Relations & Placement LOT

This LOT takes the lead in all placement related activities for the students. Their responsibilities include maintaining contacts with eminent personalities in the corporate world and also alumni. They provide placement assistance and also prepare the students by organising mock interviews and Group discussions.

Training LOT

Training is one of the main ingredients in the student life of LEAD. The training LOT brings excellent trainers to visit the campus and meet the students. Five faculties from LEAD participated in a training session of one lakh people which was recorded in the Limca book of records. They initiate in organizing life skill and soft skill training. Also they conduct sessions which focus on leadership skills, entrepreneurship, optimism, time management, team building exercises which turn the introverts to extroverts.

LEADography LOT

LEADography, as the name clearly defines is the media wing of LEAD. The LeadographyLOT documents various events and functions organised inside and outside the campus. They actively take part in various advertisement-making and promotions. The LOT is armed with updated equipment's like DSLR cameras, video cameras, tripods, lighting and sound equipments, DJ Mixers, musical Instruments, necessary software and a fully furnished media room.

Competition and Meets LOT

The competition LOT initiates and organises various intra college competitions. These competitions are organised with an intention to lift the competitive spirit among students. They also take care in honouring the winners with necessary prizes.

Event LOT

The event LOT places themselves as the organising committee of each and every event that happens in LEAD. They take charge of responsibilities like invitation of guests, stage decoration, logistics and also arrange for food and accommodation of the guests. They prepare a detailed report at the end of each event. I-LEAD, 3C, LEADXplode are regular annual events conducted in the campus every year

Arts & Sports LOT

Arts and sports LOT organises all the art and sport related activities of LEAD. Various painting competitions, flower carpet competitions are organised for the students to showcase their abilities. In sports, cricket, volley ball, badminton, football are regularly played. We also have group wise intra college competitions in Cricket, Football, Volleyball and Badminton. There are also facilities for Indoor games such as Table tennis, Chess,Caroms and Cards. A state of the art Swimming Pool and multi facility Gymnasium is also available inside the campus.

Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) LOT

The institution has always assumed a community-oriented approach in all its enterprises. Thus, this LOT was conceived to instil the values of social responsibility in the hearts of the students.Professionals like doctors, lawyers, social activists and other representatives from Government Welfare Departments share their expertise with the students as well as the community and it paves way for community development. In last four years, 5 Medical camps were conducted for the welfare of the general public. A team of doctors gave free consultation and medicines. Nearly 1000 people have benefitted from these camps. Students also offer free tuition to around 75 school students on a regular basis.

LEAD Development LOT

The students belonging to this LOT are directly guided by the college Chairman to focus on the overall developmental activities of LEAD. They will be brainstorming ideas on how the academics, extra-curricular activities, infrastructural developments and strategic initiatives can be brought forward for the development of LEAD.

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