LEAD has a unique way of fostering wholesome growth in students by active learning through managing actual situations. The theoretical knowhow imparted in the classroom environment is reinforced by practical experience gained through student participating in college activities, organising programmes, conducting training sessions, etc.

Diverse students profile at LEAD

Students from different backgrounds with diverse world views and domain knowledge, hailing from different social set up (including few foreigners)reinforce the fact that the amount of peer learning that one can experience in a B-school like LEAD is unmatchable. Each batch is formed in a manner that students get to work with people from different educational, professional and cultural background. The Programme fosters collaborative learning approach, the ability to work in and manage teams is a necessity that is automatically imbibed by the students.

Blend of Theory and Practice

Strong theoretical and empirically based arguments suggest thatlearning to manage actually occurs on the job in tacit, culturally embedded ways through peoples' work practices within organisations, groups, and other communities. At 'LEAD' we attempt to provide leadership education that offers a unique and valuable tool that enables students to investigate their personal values, strengths, talents, and shortcomings etc, and to choose a direction for their lives and their place in the world.

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