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Outcome Based Training (OBT)

The outcome based training wing of the college provides tailor-made adventure training programmes. The basic package is delivered as a three day adventure camp for professionals, students and youth to get in touch with the true spirit of life through exploration of nature. Adventure education makes use of challenging experiences for learning life skills.


  • Recreation and excitement
  • Puts us in a state of alertness and readiness
  • Confidence building
  • Conquering fears
  • Undertaking calculated risk
  • Split second decision making
  • Team building and team cohesion
  • Gains knowledge through exploration and utilisation of resources
  • Enhances practical wisdom


  • Balanced thinking
  • Enhanced decision making skills
  • Boosted crisis management ability
  • Learns new dimensions of team cohesion and mutual trust
  • Instil an adventurous outlook towards life.


  • Jumaring

Jumaring, also referred to as jugging, is where the second climber (the one who belays the lead climber on the route) uses ascenders to climb the rope instead of climbing directly on the rock. Along with the ascenders, one or more webbing "ladders" called étriers (or aiders) are typically used to allow the climber to use their feet to step up and pull themselves up the rope. In aid climbing, the climbers are very dependent on gear placement to ascend the route, using the step as high as possible on a piece of gear to place another piece of gear. Balance, perseverance, strength and concentration...all are required for Jumaring.

  • Rappelling

Rappelling is sliding down the rope in a controlled manner. When you want to descent there are basically two options: you can walk or climb down, or you can rappel. When the terrain is easy walking or climbing down is the best choice. But when the terrain becomes too difficult rappelling is the faster, easier and safer solution.

  • Valley crossing 

Valley crossing or River crossing is a technique usually used by military personnel in order to cross a river or mountain cliff. Ropes are used to bridge the two sides and participants will cross the hurdle hanging in the rope.

  • Fire walking

Here the participants will have the exhilarating experience of walking over fire. Everyone is made to walk over burning wooden coal. This experience itself is a break though in one's life with which he will be motivated to take life's challenges more easily and confidently. Along with these core activities other team building and leadership enhancing games are also incorporated in the three day intense programme.

  • Bridges and rope based activities

Here each team has to pass over a chain of bridges and nets where a person's alertness is really measured. The responsibility of being a team member and its spirit is revealed here.

  • Management games

The training programme also incorporates lot of management games which will enhance the managerial skill and team orientation. The games such as pipe and ball, resource procuring, cloggers, strapped race, obstacle crossing etc are also used in team building.


In the modern scenario the corporate companies expect the students to be an entrepreneur in their job rather than just being a mere employee. This made us come up with the concept of LEAP @ LEAD – a three day practical camp which enhances the students to think out of the box and thus potentially become entrepreneurs. It provides a platform for students to gain practical knowledge about the subjects through simulations of real business scenarios.

1st Day - Glimpse of corporate world

  • Stepping stone to the corporate world
  • Group Dynamics
  • Effective Public Speaking
  • Resume preparation
  • Team building and leadership

2nd Day - Middle of the ladder

  • Trekking
  • Interview handling skills
  • Creativity
  • Business communication
  • Virtual share trading
  • Group Discussion

3rd Day - Top of the ladder

  • Flight game
  • Business proposal
  • Product development
  • Experience Functional Areas
  • Product launch
  • Valediction


  • Practical wisdom
  • Balanced thinking
  • Enhanced decision making skills
  • Boosted crisis management ability
  • Learns new dimensions of team cohesion and mutual trust
  • Team building and team cohesion

Turning Point

Turning Point - is launched to combat the hardships of students, after critically analysing the psychological and emotional factors, thereby making them face realities courageously. The workshop is intended for identifying capacities of each individual, make each of them to fix a goal according to their capacities and then to programme a plan for reaching the goal. It is also intended to develop the inter/intra personal relationship of individuals and to build their confidence, making them comfortable while facing the public, attending interviews / group discussions and so on.

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