Palakkad was also known as Palakkattussery. The commonly held belief, however, is that the name is a fusion of two words, Pala, a tree that is found abundantly in Palakkad, and Kadu, which means forest.

Palakkad is rightfully known as the Gateway of Kerala, giving the rest of India access to the State. Its other name is Palakkad was contributed by British Raj. Palakkad is a land of palm trees and paddy fields. It's known to be rich in flora and fauna.

Palakkad is prime among Kerala's most picturesque districts, thanks to its distinctive Palmyra trees and extensive green paddy fields. Palakkad lies near the Palghat Gap, a pass or natural depression through the Western Ghat ranges that run parallel to the west coast of India, and connects Kerala to the plains of the state of Tamil Nadu to the east. The Silent Valley National Park that abruptly rises to the Nilgiris is an everlasting marvel to the tourist.

The abundant forest wealth, dams, wild life sanctuaries, rivers, rare birds and animals, historical monuments, traditional ayurvedic treatment centres have given Palakkad an exquisite and outstanding touch.

LEAD campus is located at a picturesque, scenic location at the foothills of Dhoni.

The institution is located at a distance of 10 Km from Palakkad KSRTC bus station, municipal bus stand and town bus stand, and 5 km from Palakkad Junction railway station. The college is 60 km from Coimbatore International Airport.


Dhoni hills in Palakkad is a popular picnic spot in the reserve Forest area that has a small but beautiful, splendid and captivating waterfall in the middle. Dhoni provides trekkers the opportunity to explore its hilly terrains. Its lush green surroundings are a pleasure to watch besides offering its bewildering farmhouse, harbouring hundreds of cattle of Swiss variety.

There is a winding dirt track going up the hill, but for the more adventurous, there are enough steep climbs to whet your appetite once you leave the road. A two-hour walk from the main road will bring you to a beautiful stream, an exotic picnic location difficult to forget for years.

At LEAD, it is a regular practice to conduct a host of its programmes at the foot of Dhoni hills for corporate executives as a part of management development Program (MDP) and also for students to cherish nature's wilderness and excitement.

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