Life skill practice

Life skill practice

Break Through

Break through is a three day adventure camp for professionals and youth to get in touch with the true spirit of life through exploration of nature. The trekking and mountaineering camp will be an exhilarating experience in one's life which he/she can cherish throughout their lives.

  • Recreation
  • Excitement
  • Confidence building
  • Conquering fears
  • Risk Taking traits
  • Instant Decision Making
  • Team building
  • Challenges your limits

Turning Point

Turning Point is launched to combat the hardships of students, after critically analyzing the psychological and emotional factors, thereby making them face realities courageously. The workshop is intended for identifying capacities of each individual, make each of them to fix a goal according to their capacities and then to programme a plan for reaching the goal. It is also intended to develop the inter/intra personal relationship of individuals and to build their confidence, making them comfortable while facing the public, attending interviews / group discussions and so on.

  • Effective Presentation
  • Creativity
  • Dealing with people
  • Team Building
  • Manage your memory
  • Time Management & Increasing your productivity
  • Conquering your inhibition
  • Customer the king
  • Art of selling
  • Positivize your thought
  • Leadership in action
  • Discover yourself
  • Focus on your goal
  • Selecting the best career for you
  • Tools for self-mastery
  • Conquering Inhibitions
  • Basic Human Psychology
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Transactional analysis techniques
  • Neuro linguistic programming techniques
  • Business Etiquette trainings
  • Phone etiquette
  • Cubicle etiquette
  • E-mail and chat etiquette
  • Meeting etiquette

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