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Centre for Research Consultancy and Publication (CRCP)

The research capabilities of Higher Education Institutions need to be strengthened, more so in B –Schools. LEAD has set up a Centre for Research Consultancy and Publication, with a view to promote research and publications as well as facilitating research scholars to avail the guidance and consultancy service under one roof.


  • The centre seeks to provide scholastic guidance for high quality original research in the academic and industry domains.
  • It is intended to contribute to the body of knowledge in research integrating theory and practice by an empirical approach that benefits the corporate, faculty, research scholars and students.
  • It aims at presenting a cutting edge research from all around the world and thereby to help in enhancing and adding value to the personal learning process.
  • The CRCP will provide a common platform and provide opportunity for individuals, groups, organisations/institutions to encourage their sponsored learners to share their ideas in the learned research colloquium.


The value added facility namely Centre for Research Consultancy and Publication aims at providing the following services:

  • Preliminary consultation for preparing research design.
  • Preparing data collection tools.
  • Suggesting analytical tools and methods.
  • Interpretation and report writing.
  • Support for publication of research findings in journals.
  • Setting a research forum with peer presence, co-researchers and members.
  • Undertaking research and consultancy projects assigned by corporate and other bodies.

Facilities Available

The centre strives to advance expert research guidance under the platform of following facilities:

Computers – 10 dedicated computers and 1 server in a virtually separated space

E. Resources - J – gate.


Centre for Research Consultancy and Publication is operated and supported by the entire team of LEAD to provide expert advice in the area of scholastic and industry research. The CRCP team comprises:

Team member Name Position
Patron Dr. Thomas George K   Chairman, LEAD College of Management
Facilitator Dr. Jessy George Associate Professor, LEAD College of Management
Coordinator Mrs. YasminSamad Administrator, LEAD College of Management
Members Mr. Subhakaran Assistant Professor, LEAD College of Management

Mr. JithRajan Assistant Professor, LEAD College of Management

Mr. Shiva Kumar Assistant Professor, LEAD College of Management

Services of the external experts will be made available depending on the need, area of specialisation and the analytical tool applied. Based on the requirement, monthly research colloquium will be organised, which will be a platform for presentation, discussion and expert advice on the research projects on a stage by stage basis.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Entrepreneurship involves the establishment of one's own enterprise, through the development of leadership skills, creativity, and problem solving. For any student who has ever thought about starting his or her own business, the entrepreneurship club could open the doors to financial freedom and independence!

Entrepreneurship is a worldwide provider of academic, professional, and practical education for participants in academia, government, and nonprofit organisations, possessing a recognised reputation for quality using personal relationships and appropriate technology to provide superior real-world learning experiences in a manner that allows education to be an integral part of their lives.

Mission Statement:
The LEAD Entrepreneurship society shall bring together all members of the community interested in entrepreneurship, promote and facilitate the study and practice of entrepreneurship, connect student members with experienced alumni and local entrepreneurs, encourage interest in innovation and enterprise creation and develop aspiring entrepreneurs into motivated, ethical, and dynamic business leaders.


  • To provide awareness programmes to enthuse the participants.
  • To partner with industry to offer entrepreneurial and experiential learning.
  • To Build student leadership skills in a global context.
  • Emphasise critical thinking, corporate social responsibility, and ethical decision-making.
  • To deliver accessible, innovative, relevant and student-centric learning.
  • To capitalise on the business and research experience of the dedicated faculty.
  • To leverage the unique product and service economy of Kerala and Tamilnadu specifically and in the long run the entire country

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